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Why Painkillers are Getting Abused More Frequently

Prescription painkiller abuse has become a significant problem in America in recent years due to the rising use of opioid-based medications for chronic health conditions. Many people working in the addiction field believe that the fact opiate medications are initially prescribed by physicians has made the problem somehow “acceptable”.

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The United States Has Declared an Opioid Public Emergency: Here's What That Means

In recent months opioid addiction in the US has reached critical levels, resulting in the Department of Health and Human Services declaring a public health emergency. Each year, around 60,000 die in America as a result of overdose and the problem is much more widespread than many people fully appreciate. This is because a lot of opioid addiction has its roots in prescription medicines, which gives the drug a more ‘acceptable’ face that belies the very real problem that currently exists.

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