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The Importance of Addressing Mental Illness in Addiction Recovery

There is a very strong relationship between addiction and mental health. Some people use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate the symptoms of a mental illness such as PTSD or depression, whereas others develop the symptoms as a direct result of substance abuse

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How to Relate to Someone with an Addiction

Watching a loved one destroy their lives through drug or alcohol abuse can be extremely painful. However, understanding how addiction illness affects a person’s behavior can go some way to making it easier to find the right treatment. Addiction is characterized by an uncontrollable compulsion to abuse substances. The sufferer will be unable to quit using drugs or alcohol despite the extensive damage it may be doing to their lives.

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What to Do When you Think a Loved One is Addicted to Drugs

Unfortunately, substance use disorder is an illness that is sweeping the nation, largely due to the rising number of people taking opiate-based prescription drugs. However, our understanding of addiction as an illness is better than ever before and there are now numerous ways for people struggling to cope to get the treatment they need.

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