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Why Sleeping Pills are a Slippery Slope to Addiction

Addiction to sleeping pills or other sedatives is an increasing problem in America. More people than ever are turning to medications to help them get a good night’s sleep, most of which are available over-the-counter. However, it is very easy to develop problems with sleeping pills that can spiral into addiction if the warning signs are ignored. Here we take a closer look at how addiction to sleeping pills develops and how it can be treated.

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The Differences between Addiction and Abuse

Despite our better understanding of addiction, there are still many people holding on to misconceptions about what classifies a person as an addict. This is for a variety of reasons including the negative way addiction is covered by mainstream media and its connection with a loss of moral control. In fact, addiction is an illness that develops over time. In this article, we take a look at the difference between a person who abuses substances from time to time and someone who developed addiction illness.

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