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Boost Your Recovery with a Healthy Diet

Although everyone in rehab can benefit from a healthy and nutritious diet, it’s important to understand the necessary vitamins and minerals you could be lacking. A poor diet can have a very detrimental effect on a person, causing nutritional deficiencies that can lead to serious health conditions.

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Benefits of Clean Eating in Recovery

Alcohol and drug abuse wreak havoc with your body. Alcohol hampers the breakdown and absorption of nutrients; opiates can cause gastrointestinal problems; and stimulants suppress your appetite which may result in a lower intake of calories and nutrients than is healthy. An alcohol addict may derive as much as 50% of their daily calorie allowance from alcohol.

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The Importance of Healthy Eating

People who have been using alcohol or drugs for a while usually develop bad eating habits. Although this doesn’t sound too bad, if a person doesn’t get good nutrition for prolonged periods of time it can be seriously damaging to their health. Here we take a closer look at the benefits of good nutrition and where you can get those nutrients from in your daily diet, and how a stay at Capo Canyon Recovery can help jump start your healthy eating.

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