Sandy Szemenyei, CADC-II

Program Manager

About Sandy Szemenyei, CADC-II

With almost 30 years in recovery from substance abuse and mental health and over 25 years working with people struggling with their own substance abuse and mental health struggles, Sandy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Capo Canyon team. Sandy originally found her calling while working and living in Australia. Sandy was a house manager, and a counselor at Mandurah Calvary Services, a crisis center serving mostly 15-25 year-old clients with substance abuse history. It was her pastor who encouraged her to become a certified drug and alcohol counselor. Sandy is passionate about helping others in recovery learn about how to “do life” without using substances. Sandy is also ordained through the National Association of Christian Ministers and holds an Advanced Certificate in Biblical Counseling through Light University. Sandy loves sharing her own recovery experience, strength and hope with clients to encourage them on their new journey.

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