Intake Process

Take a look through our intake process here at Capo Canyon Recovery, and contact us today with any questions you may have. Located in Laguna Niguel, CA, our team will make the intake process and transition into program simple and stress-free. 

Step One: Initial Assessment

Your first step is to give us a call to schedule an initial assessment and appointment for intake. Our staff will answer any questions you have about our program and schedule a tour if you’re in the area. This is a chance for us to do a basic assessment to ensure you are appropriate for our level of care. If you have insurance, this is also a chance to get pre-verification of your benefits.

Step Two: Intake & Full Assessment

When you decide we are the right detox program for you, we will meet you at our facility in Laguna Niguel, CA, or we can pick you up from the airport/train station/etc. This is all arranged through our Detox Supervisor and Intake Coordinator. Our closest airport is John Wayne Airport, Santa Ana, CA (SNA), but we can also pick you up from Long Beach Airport, Los Angeles Airport (LAX), and San Diego Airport (San Diego is about an hour and a half drive).

Upon arrival, we will have forms for you to fill out about your health history, current health status and most recent drug use. Detox may or may not be needed depending on these answers, so please be honest for your own health and comfort. Our contracted Physician and her staff will complete a full assessment of your physical and mental health, as well a drug urine screen and a basic physical exam. Our staff will review medications you brought with you, if any, and may dispose of inappropriate ones. Please call us if you are unsure of appropriate medications to bring.

At this point, if not already taken care of, payment is due. You may have made arrangements to pay through insurance, you may have a co-pay due, or you may be paying us directly. We accept cash, credit card, check, cashier’s check and wire transfers. If you are paying with a debit credit card, please be aware that you may need to call your bank to increase the charge limit for us.

Step Three: Begin Our Program

Once you complete the intake process, you will begin your detoxification protocols, if necessary. Your withdrawal symptoms, vitals and medications will be monitored by experienced physicians, nurses and support staff.  As you begin to feel better, a treatment plan will be formed between you and your therapist, which will include a schedule of group sessions, counseling sessions, psychotherapy, massage, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, exercise at the gym, outside AA/NA/CA meetings, and fun activities.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are prepared by the support staff. Every Saturday we have a planned, fun, sober activity for our clients and Sunday is designated for family group and visitation.

Our support staff will keep any family or friends you designate updated on your status and progress. They should be in contact and give regular updates.


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Credit Card Authorization Form

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Insurance Information Submission

Please call 1 (800) 804-8714 to speak to an Intake Specialist or email