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Helpful Tips for Holding an Intervention

There are still many misconceptions about people with addiction, which often serves as a barrier to them getting the help they need. It is not surprising then that many individuals in rehab centers committed to treatment only after the intervention of their friends and family. An intervention is a planned event designed to show an addicted loved one that their problems with substance abuse have affected others.

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How to Talk To Your Kids about Your Addiction

It is exceptionally difficult for some people to face the challenge of telling their children about past drug or alcohol abuse. That said, it is also important to recognize that very often children are negatively influenced by a parent who has dealt with substance abuse in the past. It is not uncommon for children of addicted parents to go on to develop substance abuse issues of their own.


Identifying Co-Dependent Relationships- And What to Do About Them

When someone is codependent, it means that they are completely influenced by another person’s behavior. This can be to the extent where they try and control their actions which is usually for the best intentions. However, many people with addiction are also involved in codependent relationships which can serve to make their problems much worse.


Healing the Hurt: How to Repair Relationships During and After Rehab

When a person is in the grip of an addiction, relationships are bound to be affected. Being at the mercy of any addictive substance will bring about erratic behavior and alter a person’s personality and emotions. This will impact family members, spouses, partners, parents, children and friends and these relationships may break down as a result.