Unique Addiction Therapies

Addiction Therapies

Discover the unique addiction therapies offered at Capo Canyon in Orange County.

The foundation of the addiction treatment programs at Capo Canyon Recovery is our dual diagnosis therapies. Substance use often has an enduring effect on the person’s physical and psychological health. With individualized treatment options for each client, they have a higher chance of long-term recovery. As a result, those who are suffering from addiction may require a treatment center that provides addiction therapy programs that are tailored to the client’s needs.

Finding treatment for an addiction to drugs and alcohol can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be, however. At Capo Canyon, we provide a variety of therapeutic options in our substance use treatment programs. We do our best to structure the client’s treatments based on the unique challenges they are facing to lessen the risk of relapse. With the help of these treatment options, many people are able to attain long-term recovery. Are you suffering from an addiction and co-occurring mental health concerns? If so, you can find healing at Capo Canyon. To learn more about our addiction therapy programs in Orange County, please contact our treatment team today at 833.972.2330.

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At our addiction treatment program we provide a wide array of evidence-based therapeutic options in addition to holistic therapies. These methods are proven to be effective in treating mental health conditions and addictions.


Drug & Alcohol Detox

Learn more about our luxury drug & alcohol detoxification in Southern California at Capo Canyon.


Inpatient Treatment

Discover why our luxury residential program is your top choice when seeking treatment for substance abuse.


Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

Here at Capo Canyon, our entire program takes a dual-diagnosis approach, treating the core issues that lead to substance abuse.

The Capo Canyon
Difference in California

At Capo Canyon Recovery, we are committed to helping each client find the healing and support they need to overcome their substance use disorder. We offer both drug and alcohol detox programs, as well as residential treatment options for substance use disorders: