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Alcohol Addiction

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Countless substances are responsible for destroying the lives of those who live with addictions, but few are so socially accepted and even normalized as alcohol is. In the US, while alcohol use and binge drinking are often seen as being part of many holiday celebrations, it is responsible for millions and millions of deaths over the years. Developing an alcohol addiction is common in Southern California, which means it’s important to know how to get treatment for alcohol addiction in Orange County.

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Alcohol addiction is a chronic mental disorder known as alcohol use disorder or AUD. AUD is a disorder that eads to significant physical, psychological, and behavioral changes, as well as changes to the brain itself. An important first step in getting help for yourself or a loved one is being able to recognize the symptoms that might point to an alcohol problem.

Some common signs and symptoms of alcohol addiction include:

Behavioral Symptoms

  • Lying or hiding drinking habits
  • Becoming defensive when drinking or treatment is brought up
  • Prioritizing drinking over other responsibilities or activities, frequently even leading to them abandoning activities or hobbies they once enjoyed
  • Neglecting personal hygiene or appearance
  • Engaging in risky or dangerous behaviors while drinking, such as drunk driving or reckless casual sex
  • Isolation from friends and family, often replacing the social circles with others who drink 
  • Failing to maintain performance levels at school or work, even suffering disciplinary measures or termination because of the drinking
  • Damage to interpersonal and domestic relationships, even estrangement of children, parents, and spouses

Psychological Symptoms

  • Depression, anxiety, or irritability when not drinking
  • Emotional instability with rapid mood swings
  • Insomnia or disrupted sleep patterns
  • Failing to maintain responsibilities
  • Changes in personality
  • Difficulty concentrating or memory loss
  • Cravings or obsession with obtaining alcohol
  • Delusions or hallucinations for heavy drinkers, particularly during withdrawals

Physical Symptoms

  • Drinking larger and larger amounts of alcohol
  • Developing tolerance to alcohol, requiring increased amounts to achieve the same effects
  • Spending a considerable amount of time either getting, using, or recovering from alcohol
  • Beginning to feel withdrawal symptoms, such as tremors, nausea, or seizures when not drinking
  • Changes in weight, often losing weight or body mass, due to changes in diet and the malnutrition that results from high levels of consistent alcohol intake
  • Liver damage, gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular issues, central nervous system issues, and damage to every system in the body
  • Injuries from being intoxicated and falling or engaging in dangerous behavior
  • Blackouts or memory loss while drinking, are more common with very heavy drinkers but can occur in anyone with a high enough blood-alcohol content (BAC)

If you or someone close to you are showing some of these signs, there is a chance of an active alcohol addiction, and professional treatment should be considered. At Capo Canyon, we recognize that every individual’s addiction experience is unique, which is why we offer so many ways to get treatment for alcohol addiction in Orange County while experiencing an overall atmosphere of luxury and healing.

Alcohol use disorder is a highly complex spectrum condition, and despite decades of research, there are still only factors that can be said to have a quantifiable influence. There’s no single cause, but there are environmental and genetic factors that can all factor into the chance of someone becoming an alcoholic or developing Alcohol Use Disorder.

Genetic factors are one of the most significant factors when determining elevated risk. Someone with a family history or someone with a close relative, such as a parent or sibling that has an addiction, will be predisposed to addiction. Environmental factors like being exposed to addiction at an early age also hold a strong influence. 

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The staff here has changed my life. I will never forget everything they all have done but I will never forget how much the nurse Jeanie helped me. The therapist there is also amazing and I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for them. I recommend this place to everyone I know who is struggling.



I loved Capo Canyon Recovery! The staff was amazing and compassionate at every turn. The house was beyond fantastic! The backyard was my favorite place to hangout, there were tiny lizards, hummingbirds, and butterflies galore.

Jo W.


If you’ve ever been to treatment and found yourself at capo canyon it would be readily apparent that this place is different from any treatment center in the United States. Nobody arrives at a detox/stabilization program in their best shape but what sets capo canyon apart is the care and compassion the on-site nurses and all the staff show.

Brandon T.


Truly life saving!! Care and compassion during a very difficult time. The staff and counselors are amazing and the program works. So grateful to the entire Capo family!



This place saved my life. All the staff are super welcoming and knowledgeable and sincerely cares for each individual and their well being. By far the best and most comfortable detox facility I have been to. Forever grateful for this place!

L. S.


Our daughter has been at Casa for 90 days and has been in previous rehab centers. At Casa she has made amazing progress and she has been a some what difficult case to deal with. We have had an open line of communication with the Center and they have been tremendously helpful not only with our daughter but supporting us along the way. I would recommend Casa for anyone needing professional help in various areas.

Jane B.


Individuals considering getting alcohol addiction treatment in Orange County often wonder what the treatment is going to be like; what options they may have. At a treatment center like Capo Canyon, we offer a wide range of evidence-based treatments like medication-assisted detox (MAT), psychiatry, psychotherapy, inpatient treatment, and outpatient programs, as well as holistic and alternative therapy options like meditation, yoga, mindfulness exercises, and more can help the recovering individual have a more well-rounded, dual diagnosis treatment and recovery plan.

The first step in treatment will often be an inpatient detox program, that allows the individual to fully eliminate alcohol from their body with the support and help of medical professionals and clinicians. After detox, residential treatment programs provide the ideal luxury setting to learn more effective coping mechanisms for triggering events or situations and to address any potential dual diagnoses. Along with psychotherapy, group therapy, and relapse prevention education, there will be a variety of holistic activities to help foster healing and recovery.

After inpatient programs are completed, outpatient programs can provide ongoing support and recovery education, while the patient returns to their home or sober living facility for independent living. They will travel to the treatment center a few times a week for a few hours each day to continue treatment. This can even be intensified to an intensive outpatient program or partial hospitalization program, depending on the needs of the patient.

Aftercare is another essential component, providing ongoing support for the individual as they adapt to their new sober life. 12-step programs are also common at this stage since social support in recovery is so essential, but it is not a requirement.

Choosing the Right Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in Orange County

When it comes to choosing the right treatment center for your needs, you may be surprised to find out that there are many options available for alcohol treatment in Orange County. What most of them can’t offer, however, is the incredibly luxurious, private and ultra-comfortable environment that Capo Canyon offers. 

Not only do we offer the latest in clinically proven, evidence-based treatments and holistic treatments, but we offer full executive treatment. You can recover in full privacy, protected by HIPAA, while also maintaining contact with the outside world and even continuing to work from rehab. The only people that will know you’re in rehab are those that you want to know. Bring your smartphone and laptop, and we’ll make sure you never miss a meeting while you build a solid foundation for long-term recovery. 

Our setting is nothing short of idyllic, so you can enjoy a healthy, quiet environment in which to start your journey to a healthier life. You’ll enjoy a private room with secure wifi and full electronic access for work flexibility. When you speak with our admissions specialist, they will work with you to coordinate a pre-admission agreement that ensures your work will not be disrupted and that the treatment will be built around your specific needs. You even have a private gourmet chef to prepare meals daily, which can be customized to your dietary or religious requirements.

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For those struggling with addiction who feel that the time is right to use one of the leading luxury rehab centers in Newport Beach, Capo Canyon is ready to become your recovery partner. Reach out today to speak with one of our local addiction experts, and to begin building your personalized treatment plan. 

If you or someone you care about is battling alcoholism, the best first step is to reach out to a trusted, local expert like Capo Canyon for professional help. At ourCalifornia luxury drug and alcohol rehab center, we understand that every individual’s journey to recovery is different. That’s why we provide treatment plans that address co-occurring mental health conditions, ensuring a holistic and effective approach to addiction recovery. Reach out today, and you can privately discuss your treatment needs with an expert member of our recovery team, and begin creating your personalized treatment plan.