Commonly Asked Questions


We answer your questions regarding detox and treatment at Capo Canyon in Orange County.

Our primary focus at Capo Canyon is in the treatment of alcohol addiction and substance abuse in addition to the underlying co-occurring issues leading to these self-defeating and destructive behaviors which include trauma, anxiety, depression and other mental health diagnoses and challenges.

Yes, not only do we have 24/7 supportive care, we also have 24/7 nursing care on site to help ensure you are safe, comfortable and taken care of during your stay with us. 

Yes, we accept most major insurance policies with up to 100% covered.

Our helpful admissions team can assist in providing a free verification of your insurance benefits and let you know what’s covered. 

For those without insurance or if you know your insurance won’t cover our services, we offer private pay options as well. 

Clients who are staying just for our detox stabilization program stay anywhere from 7-10 days. Those individuals who continue into our residential program stay anywhere from 2-4 weeks depending on their specific needs. We understand that some clients cannot stay with us for as long as clinically recommended and in these cases we ask for a commitment to stay as long as medically necessary. Some clients continue into our aftercare program and can receive treatment for a few months. 

As long as these obligations are outside of required treatment hours and they do not disrupt or distract you from participating in your treatment program, some clients are able to continue working or going to school while in treatment. At Capo Canyon we have a dedicated Executive Program for those who need special accommodations for work activities. 

Yes, you can bring your phone and computer with you to treatment.    

At Capo Canyn we have an executive program for individuals who need electronic access during their stay. Electronic use is permitted outside of therapeutic groups and individual session hours. Should electronic access become a problem for your healing process your clinical team may need to restrict your accessibility for your safety and care. 

We ask for you to bring no more than two large suitcases to treatment. Items to bring include personal items, medications, season appropriate clothing, toiletries, your ID and insurance card. Things to leave at home include valuables, recording devices, candles, and provocative clothing. 

Items permitted and not permitted to are explained in further detail on our “What to Bring” page found here. Feel free to reach out to our admissions team to answer any questions you may have about what to bring.

When talking with a member of Capo Canyon’s experienced admissions team, you will be asked pre-assessment questions in order to determine your identified needs and whether one of our programs will be best for you. After a clinical assessment is conducted, the most appropriate program and level of care will be recommended. If none of our programs are best suited for your needs, appropriate, vetter referrals will be offered. 

Attempting to get a loved one into treatment can often be frustrating and overwhelming. Having patience is often an important thing we recommend to families. If your loved one is or isn’t ready to commit to a treatment program, the first step is often looking into different programs and narrowing down some options that will be a fit for your loved one’s clinical, demographic and financial needs.

Finding a high-quality treatment program that meets the needs of a loved one can take some time. To ensure it’s a right fit and a quality program, we recommend the following: 

  1. Get clear on the finances – what’s included and what’s not included in treatment. If utilizing insurance make sure your insurance is accepted and that you won’t be billed later for services not covered by insurance. 
  2. Make sure the program is appropriately accredited and licensed for the type of treatment and level of care your loved one needs. You should be able to verify a program’s licensure status on the state licensing website. Accreditation status for Joint Commission can be found at and for CARF at
  3. Ask for specific information regarding program structure and treatment methods utilized. Don’t be afraid to ask for a sample program schedule. 
  4. Look at the staff page for the qualifications and specialties of the team. Ask for more information to make sure the staff are experienced and capable of handling your loved one’s treatment needs.
  5.  Lastly, if accessible, inquire about touring. We believe your gut feeling is often an important one in making a decision. If you have a good feeling about a program upon seeing and being at the facility as well as in meeting some staff, this can be a positive indicator you’ve found a good fit. 

When appropriate and after a Release of Information (ROI) has been signed for family members, they will be included in weekly clinical updates. Initially, it’s often recommended that family communication be limited between client and loved ones in order for the client to focus on themselves and their foundation in recovery. Family therapy and family participation is initiated a little later in treatment once an individual client is stable and comfortable with their clinical support team and their treatment schedule. 

Smoking cigarettes are allowed in designated outside smoking areas. Vaping is allowed if the vape and all vaping products arrive in its original packaging and unopened at time of admission.

As a private treatment program and inpatient facility we do not permit on-site tours for the safety and privacy of our current clients. Check out our 3D tour of our facility on our website here for an in-depth look at the residence.

Capo Canyon offers a very unique experience unlike any other program. Situated in a home-like environment our facility is staffed by 24/7 onsite nurses as well clinical and support staff to ensure one’s utmost safety and superior clinical care. With a max of 5 clients at any time, an individualized treatment is guaranteed. Beyond evidence-based medical and clinical services including psychiatry, individual and group therapy, Capo Canyon’s programs also offer experiential and holistic modalities including equine therapy, massage, yoga, and horticulture, as well as onsite amenities including all private rooms, private chef, organic garden, gym, in-room tvs, luxury linens and furnishings, fire pit, and electronic access for working professionals. 

Capo Canyon specializes in the treatment of alcoholism and alcohol addiction as well as substance abuse and drug addiction. Although not a speciality, Capo Canyon also treats process addictions including compulsive gambling, shopping and pornography. 

Yes. Dual diagnosis treatment is the foundation of clinical treatment provided at Capo Canyon. We find co-occurring issues are often underlying and act as the root causes of many substance abuse and addiction behaviors. Once an individual is stabilized from any substance use, treatment for co-occurring issues are treated alongside substance use treatment.

We offer long term program options through our sister company, Casa Recovery and as an extension to Capo Canyon’s detox stabilization and inpatient programs. Depending on your specific needs and preferences your treatment team at Capo Canyon can help you prepare to transition to a long-term program that is the best fit for you whether at Casa Recovery or another program.

The closest airport to our facility is John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana (SNA), which is about a 20 minute drive. We provide pick up and transportation for all clients arriving to SNA. Alternative airports include San Diego (SAN), Long Beach (LGB) and Los Angeles (LAX) Airport. 

Our residential program is coed, however client accommodations are separate. We have a maximum of only 5 clients at any time and all clients have private rooms. There is one private bedroom with a private bath, all other bathrooms are shared with one other client of the same gender. 

How often does a therapist meet with each client in the residential program?

Yes, our psychiatry team includes a Psychiatrist as well as Physician Assistants. Clients meet with the psych team upon admission and then weekly, unless additional appointments are needed to support medication changes or additional needs. 

We have transportation available 24 /7 if ever needed. There is an ER 5 minutes from our residential program.

We do offer PHP & IOP services at our sister program Casa Recovery

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