When someone is dependent on alcohol or drugs, their use can impact the mind, body, and soul. Unfortunately, many evidence-based treatment programs just address one or two aspects of the damage, leaving many clients still dealing with addiction’s challenges alone. However, at Capo Canyon Recovery, we strive to address every aspect of substance use to give our clients the healing they seek. Our holistic therapy services are one addiction treatment option we provide to ensure long-term recovery.

At Capo Canyon Recovery, we help our clients to overcome their substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. Our holistic therapy services are merely one part of long-term recovery. To learn about the treatment options available or to enroll in our treatment program, please call Capo Canyon Recovery today at 833.972.2330.

What We Offer

Holistic Therapy Services

At Capo Canyon Recovery, we offer a range of holistic therapy services for clients in the Orange County area. At our addiction treatment center, we’re committed to providing the best possible treatment options for each client’s needs.

Massage Therapy

As clients go through detox and residential treatment, many may benefit from massage therapy. The continuous kneading and manipulation of the body's soft tissues can boost blood flood to the person's limbs and flush lactic acid from their muscles. In addition, it can release endorphins, which can make the person feel happy.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is an integral part of our holistic therapy services. This treatment option allows our clients to bring harmony and awareness to their bodies as they build strength and practice mindfulness. There is a range of additional benefits, such as:

- Improved flexibility
- Weight loss
- Increase in muscle tone
- More vitality and energy
- A healthier metabolism

Furthermore, yoga has shown to be effective at reducing anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses which may have contributed to substance use.

Meditation Therapy

Mindfulness and meditation are an integral part of our holistic therapy services. This treatment can significantly improve a client's recovery outcome, as it offers a range of benefits, including:

- Pain management
- Better sleep patterns
- Improved mental well-being
- Reduced stress levels
- Improved physical health

We can guide our clients through the initial steps of meditation to ensure they know what they need to do.


Breathwork is a therapeutic approach that uses breathing practices to help clients clear the mind and remove any physical and spiritual stressors. This treatment can help clients lower their stress levels and help them manage their anger. It can also support those suffering from grief or depression and release any other feelings that they may be repressing. This treatment is also quite useful for those who are suffering from co-occurring addiction and mental health disorders.

Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy is a holistic treatment that relies on activity-based therapeutic modalities. This treatment can quickly improve the client's mental, physical, and emotional wellness. For instance, our clients can engage in a range of outdoor activities or exercise in our gym. This treatment can encourage our clients to have a healthier mind and body while teaching them new ways to have fun and stay socially engaged.

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At Capo Canyon Recovery, we’re proud to serve the clients at our drug and alcohol detox programs and our extended care program using our holistic therapy services. In addition to our holistic services, each client has access to our around-the-clock nursing services, as well as our evidence-based therapy program. We utilize each of these services to encourage long-term recovery from substance use disorders and mental health concerns.

If you’re struggling with addiction, mental illnesses, or a combination of the two, Capo Canyon Recovery can help. For more information about our holistic therapy services in Orange County, please call our treatment center today at 833.972.2330.