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Holistic Addiction Treatment

Find out how Capo Canyon utilizes holistic therapies throughout our programming in Orange County.

When someone is dependent on alcohol or drugs, their use can impact the mind, body, and soul. Unfortunately, many evidence-based treatment programs just address one or two aspects of the damage, leaving many clients still dealing with addiction’s challenges alone. However, at Capo Canyon Recovery, we strive to address every aspect of substance use to give our clients the healing they seek. Our holistic therapy services are one addiction treatment option we provide to ensure long-term recovery.

At our holistic addiction treatment center in California, we help our clients to overcome their substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. Our holistic therapy services are merely one part of long-term recovery. To learn about the treatment options available or to enroll in our treatment program, please call Capo Canyon Recovery today at 833.972.2330.

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At Capo Canyon Recovery, we offer a range of holistic therapy services for clients in the Orange County area. At our addiction treatment center, we’re committed to providing the best possible treatment options for each client’s needs.

Holistic treatment programs are a popular choice for people who want to quit drugs or alcohol. These programs focus on the whole person and provide an alternative to traditional addiction treatment.

It’s important for people with addictions to find a program that is right for them and their addiction. There are many different types of holistic treatments in Orange County, but it is important to know what type of program will be best for you.

The most common types of holistic treatments include massage, acupuncture, yoga, and healing with crystals. Holistic treatments have been shown to have a positive effect on mental health by helping people to regulate their emotions and cope with stress.

Take note that addiction treatment is not just about detox and rehab. Holistic treatment programs in Orange County are different from traditional programs because they are designed to address the physical, mental, spiritual, and social aspects of addiction.

The staff here has changed my life. I will never forget everything they all have done but I will never forget how much the nurse Jeanie helped me. The therapist there is also amazing and I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for them. I recommend this place to everyone I know who is struggling.



I loved Capo Canyon Recovery! The staff was amazing and compassionate at every turn. The house was beyond fantastic! The backyard was my favorite place to hangout, there were tiny lizards, hummingbirds, and butterflies galore.

Jo W.


If you’ve ever been to treatment and found yourself at capo canyon it would be readily apparent that this place is different from any treatment center in the United States. Nobody arrives at a detox/stabilization program in their best shape but what sets capo canyon apart is the care and compassion the on-site nurses and all the staff show.

Brandon T.


Truly life saving!! Care and compassion during a very difficult time. The staff and counselors are amazing and the program works. So grateful to the entire Capo family!



This place saved my life. All the staff are super welcoming and knowledgeable and sincerely cares for each individual and their well being. By far the best and most comfortable detox facility I have been to. Forever grateful for this place!

L. S.


Our daughter has been at Casa for 90 days and has been in previous rehab centers. At Casa she has made amazing progress and she has been a some what difficult case to deal with. We have had an open line of communication with the Center and they have been tremendously helpful not only with our daughter but supporting us along the way. I would recommend Casa for anyone needing professional help in various areas.

Jane B.


Holistic treatments are more likely to lead to long-term recovery than conventional treatments, which have been criticized for the short-term effects that they produce.

The holistic approach is not just a treatment — it is also a lifestyle change. It includes the whole person and their relationships with family, friends, and society. This can be difficult for many people who are used to being in control of their lives.

The idea of surrendering control is never an easy one. There are many people who are unsure about making a change in their lives. It is important to get your support system in place before starting any type of holistic therapy.

Holistic treatment programs offer support from therapists, medical professionals, and other individuals as well as from the community. People have the opportunity to work on themselves both physically and mentally through therapy sessions, group meetings, community service projects, etc. The social aspect is what makes holistic treatment programs so effective in long-term recovery.

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What Are The Disadvantages of Conventional Treatment? Why Should I Choose Holistic Treatment Instead?

Conventional treatment methods are not always effective and may cause more harm than good. There are many different holistic treatments that have been proven to be beneficial for all different types of illness.

Holistic treatments have been the focus of many people’s attention in recent years. People are choosing to go this route instead of going through a more traditional treatment to give them complete control over their health. 

There are various reasons why people should choose holistic treatment, such as making sure that they’re getting the best care possible for their condition and being able to manage their own health in a way that works best for them as an individual. Every person has different needs and backgrounds when it comes to treatment.

At Capo Canyon Recovery, we’re proud to serve the clients at our drug and alcohol detox programs and our extended care program using our holistic therapy services. In addition to our holistic services, each client has access to our around-the-clock nursing services, as well as our evidence-based therapy program. We utilize each of these services to encourage long-term recovery from substance use disorders and mental health concerns.

If you’re struggling with addiction, mental illnesses, or a combination of the two, Capo Canyon Recovery can help. For more information about our holistic therapy services in Orange County, please call our treatment center today at 833.972.2330.

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