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Prescription Pills Addiction

Seek help at Capo Canyon Recovery. Our expert team can help you or your loved one heal from prescription pills addiction.

Prescription drug addiction is far more common than many people realize, and it’s becoming one of the most alarming addiction issues. At Capo Canyon, we understand the complexities of overcoming addiction and how important it is to have an individualized plan for prescription pill addiction treatment. 

We’re going to take a detailed look at prescription drug addiction, and why it’s so important to get treatment from a licensed and accredited prescription pill rehab center. We’ll also look at how important it is to choose the right rehab center. In the end, we’ll look at how Capo Canyon can help if you think that you or someone close to you may need professional help from a prescription pill addiction treatment.

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Prescription drug addiction generally starts with the legitimate, prescribed use of many common medications. They often start with legitimate prescriptions for medication that are needed to help treat or control pain, anxiety, sleep, or attention disorders. While many medications are considered safe when taken as directed, many still have a relatively high potential for addiction. 

Even when taken as directed, over time, many individuals begin to develop a physical or psychological dependence on their prescribed medication. Some of the most commonly abused medications are opioids, benzodiazepines, and stimulants. As the addiction grows and progresses, individuals will often begin “doctor shopping”, forging prescriptions, or illegally purchasing drugs. One of the major dangers of prescription drug addiction is the danger of overdose, organ damage, and other significant health risks.

Recovering from prescription drug addiction requires more than just willpower, it often needs a comprehensive, multi-faceted, and even holistic approach to treatment. For an individual to find the maximum chance of recovery success, they’ll need to have a treatment program that addresses the physical, psychological, and even social aspects of addiction. Some of the conventional components of prescription pill addiction include:

Stabilization: The detox stage of recovery is where remaining traces of the drug are metabolized and removed from the individual’s system. In cases of prescription pill withdrawal for drugs like benzodiazepines and opioids, the withdrawal stage can be dangerous if not completed with medical supervision and often the detoxification process can include a very slow taper or days, weeks or even months.

Therapy & Counseling: Addressing the underlying issues that contributed to the addiction in the first place is a cornerstone of any successful recovery program. Therapy and counseling can help an individual to also begin building the emotional tools and coping strategies they’ll need to resist relapse.

Medication Management: Using appropriate medications to help minimize or manage withdrawal symptoms and co-occurring mental health challenges is a common part of many successful treatment plans. 

Aftercare Planning: Providing appropriate and effective aftercare support for individuals leaving formal recovery programs is essential to helping them find lasting sobriety and recovery success.

One of the keys to successful recovery is combining the right treatment with the individual’s unique recovery needs.

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The staff here has changed my life. I will never forget everything they all have done but I will never forget how much the nurse Jeanie helped me. The therapist there is also amazing and I wouldn't be who I am today if it weren't for them. I recommend this place to everyone I know who is struggling.



I loved Capo Canyon Recovery! The staff was amazing and compassionate at every turn. The house was beyond fantastic! The backyard was my favorite place to hangout, there were tiny lizards, hummingbirds, and butterflies galore.

Jo W.


If you’ve ever been to treatment and found yourself at capo canyon it would be readily apparent that this place is different from any treatment center in the United States. Nobody arrives at a detox/stabilization program in their best shape but what sets capo canyon apart is the care and compassion the on-site nurses and all the staff show.

Brandon T.


Truly life saving!! Care and compassion during a very difficult time. The staff and counselors are amazing and the program works. So grateful to the entire Capo family!



This place saved my life. All the staff are super welcoming and knowledgeable and sincerely cares for each individual and their well being. By far the best and most comfortable detox facility I have been to. Forever grateful for this place!

L. S.


Our daughter has been at Casa for 90 days and has been in previous rehab centers. At Casa she has made amazing progress and she has been a some what difficult case to deal with. We have had an open line of communication with the Center and they have been tremendously helpful not only with our daughter but supporting us along the way. I would recommend Casa for anyone needing professional help in various areas.

Jane B.


A major challenge, and a significant source of anxiety for many individuals considering entering treatment, is how to choose a prescription pill rehab center. The best way is to find a center that offers evidence-based techniques for individuals who require prescription pill addiction treatment.  When looking into prospective treatment centers, make sure you consider some of the following criteria:

  • Are they accredited? Be sure the facility that you choose has been accredited and licensed by the appropriate governing and regulatory bodies.
  • What treatment methods are offered? Look for a rehab center that offers a diverse array and combination of evidence-based treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and family therapy.
  • Do they offer dual diagnosis treatment? Up to half of all people who seek prescription pill addiction treatment also have co-occurring disorders or mental health conditions that occur simultaneously. If you think you may have co-occurring disorders, finding a treatment center like Capo Canyon that specializes in dual diagnosis is going to make a huge difference.
  • Do they offer individualized treatment plans? No two individuals are the same, and no two individuals’ addiction recovery needs are going to be the same either. Make sure your treatment center will create a treatment program specifically for your needs. There is no “one size fits all” in recovery.
  • Do they offer aftercare support? Recovery doesn’t just end when the treatment program is over and the individual goes home, and rehab isn’t the entirety of recovery. Having access to ongoing sobriety and recovery maintenance resources is going to be essential for long-term success. Make sure your potential treatment center has a diverse range of aftercare programs, like Capo Canyon.

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Individualized Treatment Programs

At Capo Canyon, we understand that no two individuals are the same, and neither should their addiction treatment be. This is why our prescription pill addiction treatment programs are highly individualized and tailored to each patient’s recovery needs. We have a multidisciplinary team of medical professionals, therapists, and counselors who have extensive experience, and all collaborate to create the ideal comprehensive treatment plan for each individual. 

While one plan can be drastically different than another, some of the common elements in treatment programs will include:

Aftercare is a critical aspect of long-term recovery success. Recovering from prescription pill addiction is an ongoing, lifelong journey, and ongoing support is one of the things needed to help maintain sobriety. Any reputable prescription pill rehab center will be equipped to help you recognize the importance of aftercare as a component of your overall recovery plan. Aftercare is a very general and wide-reaching term, but in general, aftercare services might include:

  1. Sober living homes – These are transitional environments that provide a safe, sober, and structured living environment for individuals that are leaving formal treatment programs and need additional structure.
  2. Support groups – Peer support groups like Narcotics Anonymous and SMART can help individuals build a powerful network of support.
  3. Continued therapy – Individuals stepping down care levels should consider making ongoing therapy and counseling a part of their aftercare program so that they can continue to build emotional resilience, effective coping skills, and improvement skills. 

Prescription drug addiction is a complex and highly challenging condition that can have devastating effects on the life of both the addict, as well as those around them who love them and want them to recover, but help is available. If you or someone you care about are struggling with a prescription pill addiction, you don’t have to suffer in silence, help is closer than you might think.

At Capo Canyon Recovery, those seeking prescription pill addiction treatment can find a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan built specifically to address each individual’s unique needs. Moreover, we offer support, both peer support and the support of numerous addiction healthcare professionals, which means you’ll have the resources and tools you’ll need to strengthen your recovery long into the future and be best positioned to avoid relapses. Contact Capo Canyon today to get started.


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