Packing for Treatment

What to Bring

More about what to bring & what not to bring to Capo Canyon Recovery in Orange County.

Getting Ready to Get Help

What to Bring to Treatment

You might be wondering what you can bring into treatment. We want you to feel as informed and prepared as possible and have put together this list of items with your safety, privacy, and well-being in mind. If you aren’t sure if you can bring in a certain item, you may call us to ask. All belongings will be searched upon admission. Below are the top items that you should bring:

Personal Documents

Please bring your health insurance card (or a picture of it) and a driver’s license, government issued ID, passport, birth certificate, or your social security card.


Prescriptions for any approved medications (kept in original containers)

Pack Clothing for the Proper Season

Pack enough season-appropriate clothes for at least 2 weeks. Please do not overpack – the limit is 2 large suitcases. It’s a good idea to bring both indoor and outdoor clothing (as you will sometimes take part in outdoor activities). All facilities provide laundry capabilities, so clothing can be washed as often as you wish.

Clothing Necessities:

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