drug and alcohol detox in orange county, caWhen someone is using drugs and alcohol, their bodies are often dependent on the substance they’re using. In other words, the body has become used to having the substance in its system, to the point where it no longer knows how to function without it. When they stop using drugs or alcohol, many people experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can become intense and, in some cases, dangerous. Therefore, it is often best to seek professional support at drug and alcohol detox programs, such as our addiction treatment programs at Capo Canyon Recovery. 

We understand that each patient’s needs are unique, which is why our plans are individualized and evidence-based. Please contact us today at 833.972.2330 or use our convenient online form to learn about the treatment options available.

Drug Detox

What To Expect at
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At Capo Canyon Recovery, we strive to ensure that our drug and alcohol detox programs are as safe and comfortable as possible. In many cases, detox is the vital first step to long-term recovery. However, because of the challenges and discomfort that many people associate with this period, many people are reluctant to seek treatment. Our Orange County drug detox program can manage any health emergencies as they arise and can provide prompt medical care if necessary. We can also address many of the symptoms, ensuring the comfort and peace of mind of each client. we offer a personalized treatment experience in a safe and peaceful environment with comfort and ease as a top priority with private rooms that include a queen bed, luxury linens, and a TV and headphones in every room. Our drug and alcohol detox programs in Orange County provide a variety of benefits to each client, including:

Medications to ease cravings and certain withdrawal symptoms

Care for mental and physical medical symptoms that have occurred as a result of addiction

Initial treatment of underlying mental health concerns

Support for any medical emergencies that may arise during the detox process

Nutritional assistance if the client is malnourished due to their addiction

Our drug and alcohol detox programs can provide the best possible support throughout the withdrawal symptoms.

Why Should Clients Enroll in
Our Drug and Alcohol Programs?


When people suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, a detox program can provide them with a comfortable, safe environment where they can focus on their recovery. The process can often be intense, and many people find themselves suffering from cravings and other challenging withdrawal symptoms. As a result, many people struggle to stay free of drugs or alcohol without support.

At our inpatient drug detox center in Orange County, we support our clients through this challenging period. We offer accountability for each person in our program, which can help them maintain their sobriety in the early days of recovery. As time goes on, most clients start feeling healthier both physically and mentally. Furthermore, with the help of our holistic therapy programs and holistic treatment services, clients can begin creating healthier coping mechanisms to manage their desire for drugs or alcohol. These strategies will allow them to maintain their sobriety outside of treatment.

Dual Diagnosis

In addition, we recognize that many people suffering from addiction also have underlying mental health conditions. For many, their mental health concerns led them to use substances in the first place as they attempt to self-medicate. As a result, as they begin weaning themselves off of drugs and alcohol, they may begin to experience an increase in symptoms. Fortunately, we can provide dual diagnosis treatment, which can concurrently address mental health conditions and substance use as part of an individual’s detox program.

Why Choose Us

Drug and Alcohol Detox

why us

Our Program

Our program usually begins with a period of detoxification and stabilization. We offer assistance with both drug and alcohol detox.

Professional Staff

You are assessed and evaluated by our physician and his staff and prescribed medications as needed to safely ease your withdrawal symptoms.

Daily Needs

Our 24/7 nursing and support staff assist you in your daily needs.

Detox Services

Detox Services

Southern California


Our Program Features


Our Orange County drug and alcohol detoxification center is a private & confidential program. We offer a detox only program as well.

Onsite medical detox, clinical and medical services, highly experienced medical staff, and 24/7 onsite nursing

A private facility that boasts queen-size beds, high-quality furniture, luxury linens, a home-like atmosphere, flat screen TVs & headphones in each patient room, client lounges, a fireplace & firepit, and a private backyard and patio.

Board-certified Psychiatrist with addiction specialty

Close to medical hospitals for emergencies and speciality care

Non-addictive medication offered

Top Reasons to Go to a Top-Rated Detox Program

Benefits of Attending a Drug Detox Center in
Orange County

1. Getting a New Environment

There is something to be said about getting completely out of your surroundings and diving head first into a new place, especially if you have bad influences surrounding you. Maybe you aren’t from California or haven’t even visited before. Taking that jump into sobriety by getting out of everything you know can help kick start your fresh start.

2. Engaging in Nature

One thing that California and specifically Southern California is known for is the beautiful nature that is bountiful throughout the state lines. Whether you want a quick drive to the beach to clear your head, or a drive up to the mountains to get some air, you are accessible to all of those options and more. With few rain days a year and a pleasant and relatively constant climate, you can explore all around Southern California to get the most out of your detox experience.

3. The Team Here at Capo Canyon Recovery

Our team here at Capo Canyon Recovery cares and wants to see you do well and thrive. Our team is made up of highly trained and very friendly individuals who see you as a person, and not the addiction from which you are detoxing from. This support can be crucial to someone beginning the detox and recovery journey, and we’d like to invite you to begin that journey at our Orange County drug detox center.

More Information

On Drug and Alcohol Detox

Know What to Expect

What to Expect During an Alcohol Detox

Alcohol withdrawal is one of the most dangerous forms of withdrawal, especially without proper medical care. The abrupt cessation of intake may result in symptoms only within hours of the last drink and these symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable. Depending on the amount and frequency of alcohol intake, complete detox from alcohol can take anywhere from 3 to 14 days or even longer.

Some of the most common physical and psychological symptoms that may result from alcohol detoxification may include mild symptoms like nausea, headaches, perspiration, vomiting, agitation, restlessness, insomnia, and loss of appetite. More severe effects include the disruption of the autonomic system, which may result in convulsions or seizures, auditory and/or visual hallucinations, and the most severe, Delirium Tremens (DT).

An estimated 1 in 4 patients have a high risk of withdrawal seizures from alcohol when not properly medicated during the detox stage. This is why alcohol detox often requires medications that induce similar effects as alcohol to reduce this risk. Tapering amounts of alcohol intake can also reduce withdrawal effects, although this may also mean longer periods of detoxification.

The alcohol detox process can vary drastically from person to person. Typically it can range from days to weeks of feeling withdrawal symptoms, and being closely monitored by professionals is extremely important to determine whether or not you need additional medical care.

Every Detox is Different

Specific Types of Drug Detox

Benzodiazepine Detox

Benzodiazepines or tranquilizers, depressants, and sedatives like Xanax, Valium, and Klonapin slow down CNS (central nervous system activity). These highly addictive substances are among the most dangerous to detox from as they pose high risks of seizure.

Opiate Detox

Opiate drugs like methadone, heroin, and different kinds of prescription painkillers require detox and the length and mode of the process largely depend upon the frequency and amount of drug usage. Going cold turkey or dramatically reducing intake of opiate-based drugs after heavy or prolonged use will likely result in extremely difficult withdrawal. This is why supervised detox is recommended to manage withdrawal symptoms safely.

Meth Detox

When smoked, snorted, or injected, methamphetamines can cause a powerful rush of adrenaline, causing heightened excitement, euphoria, and exhilaration. As such, addiction can be instant and intense and while detoxification from meth often does not require strict supervision, cravings for the drug can be too intense for a recovering addict to get past by himself. This is why different techniques have been developed to reduce the risks of relapse during and after detox.

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