drug and alcohol detox in orange county, caWhen someone is using drugs and alcohol, their bodies are often dependent on the substance they’re using. In other words, the body has become used to having the substance in its system, to the point where it no longer knows how to function without it. When they stop using drugs or alcohol, many people experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can become intense and, in some cases, dangerous. Therefore, it is often best to seek professional support at drug and alcohol detox programs, such as our addiction treatment programs at Capo Canyon Recovery. Please contact us today at 833.972.2330 or use our convenient online form to learn about the treatment options available.

Drug Detox

What To Expect at
Our Drug Detox in Orange County


At Capo Canyon Recovery, we strive to ensure that our drug and alcohol detox programs are as safe and comfortable as possible. In many cases, detox is the vital first step to long-term recovery. However, because of the challenges and discomfort that many people associate with this period, many people are reluctant to seek treatment. Our drug detox program can manage any health emergencies as they arise and can provide prompt medical care if necessary. We can also address many of the symptoms, ensuring the comfort and peace of mind of each client. Our drug and alcohol detox programs provide a variety of benefits to each client, including:

Medications to ease cravings and certain withdrawal symptoms

Care for mental and physical medical symptoms that have occurred as a result of addiction

Initial treatment of underlying mental health concerns

Support for any medical emergencies that may arise during the detox process

Nutritional assistance if the client is malnourished due to their addiction

Our drug and alcohol detox programs can provide the best possible support throughout the withdrawal symptoms.

Why Should Clients Enroll in
Our Drug and Alcohol Programs?


When people suffer from drug or alcohol addiction, a detox program can provide them with a comfortable, safe environment where they can focus on their recovery. The process can often be intense, and many people find themselves suffering from cravings and other challenging withdrawal symptoms. As a result, many people struggle to stay free of drugs or alcohol without support.

At our inpatient drug detox center in Orange County, we support our clients through this challenging period. We offer accountability for each person in our program, which can help them maintain their sobriety in the early days of recovery. As time goes on, most clients start feeling healthier both physically and mentally. Furthermore, with the help of our holistic therapy programs and holistic treatment services, clients can begin creating healthier coping mechanisms to manage their desire for drugs or alcohol. These strategies will allow them to maintain their sobriety outside of treatment.

Dual Diagnosis

In addition, we recognize that many people suffering from addiction also have underlying mental health conditions. For many, their mental health concerns led them to use substances in the first place as they attempt to self-medicate. As a result, as they begin weaning themselves off of drugs and alcohol, they may begin to experience an increase in symptoms. Fortunately, we can provide dual diagnosis treatment, which can concurrently address mental health conditions and substance use as part of an individual’s detox program.

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At Capo Canyon Recovery, we want to help our clients put an end to their substance use. Our drug and alcohol detox programs are an excellent first step to long-term recovery. Once our clients complete detox, they can move on to one of our residential treatment programs. To learn more about the services we provide, please call Capo Canyon today at 833.972.2330.