De-Stress this Summer at the Beach

If you’re looking for a great way to rid yourself of stress this summer near Lake Forest, CA, you can’t beat enjoying some de-stressing activities at some of the beautiful beaches that are within a short drive of our residential detox facility, Capo Canyon Recovery, in Laguna Niguel, CA. Here we give you some suggestions on where to go and some of the great stuff you can do to take the weight of the world (or detox) off your shoulders.

The Importance of Honesty During Intake

Honesty is integral to successfully detoxing from alcohol or drug abuse and it starts being important from the moment professional help is accessed. When you’re completely honest about how much it is you are drinking or using, the best treatment program can be created for you and that’s crucial to your recovery. By being honest from the start of your journey, you are less likely to self-sabotage during your addiction treatment.

Signs You Might be Ready for Drug or Alcohol Detox

You can work out for yourself when something is wrong in your life, but can you recognize when your life has come to a point where you should seriously consider checking into rehab? If you are having trouble making that decision, you’re not alone. Research shows that there are around 22.7 million Americans need treatment for alcohol or drug abuse every year but less than 1% successfully go on to receive it. Does that have to do with not seeing the signs? Here we look at the signals in your daily life that indicate you have a need for professional help, which we can offer you here at Capo Canyon Recovery in Laguna Niguel, CA.

Holistic Practices that Positively Impact Detox

Whether you are in the middle of or have completed a detox program, you are more than likely looking for positive ways to improve your lifestyle as a person in recovery from addiction. This is where holistic services play a big part in your overall health and wellness in this transitional period into recovery. We here at Capo Canyon Recovery firmly believe in the power of holistic services and offer many, including: in-house guided meditation experiences, equine therapy, yoga, nutrition/fitness/personal training, relaxing outings, and more. Here we highlight a few services, to give you an idea into your potential life through and after detox:

How to Choose the Right Detox Facility

If you or a loved one needs detox from drug or alcohol addiction, finding the right facility can be a very daunting task. Can you afford it? What should you look for? Is it a residential facility or not? Has the staff got the right credentials for the job? There are so many questions you want answers to that it can seem like an impossible task. We here at Capo Canyon want to arm you with the tools you need to pick the right facility:

Three Healthy Habits to Adopt After Detox

You’re much more likely to be successful on your recovery journey if you change the routine of your life to reflect a new, healthier you. It’s not just about taking up a hobby and hoping it sticks, we’re talking about altering your lifestyle significantly to include habits that are better for your mental health. We here at Capo Canyon Recovery can help you determine and explore new hobby and habit options, but for now, here are three ideas for you to consider:

Support Your Child through Detox While Supporting Yourself

Everything negative thing your child goes through – no matter what age they are – parents tend to feel responsible. That can make it even harder to help your child when they face addiction issues and so it’s important to bear in mind that there is always help and support for you both at hand. With your adult child taking on steps to get better, starting with detox here at Capo Canyon Recovery, you can take time to support yourself and recover from the pain that was undoubtedly caused by the disease of addiction.

How the Joys of Spring Can Help Detox and Recovery

There’s something magical about the season of spring that refreshes the soul. Perhaps it is the new growth in the ground as it starts to burst into colorful life or maybe it’s simply the improved weather and longer days. Spring is one of the best times of year for your state of mind, feelings of positivity and your well-being, which can be extremely helpful in combating addiction issues.

Why Addiction is a Family Affair

When someone has issues with addiction, they are suffering from a disease which can often tear families apart as they try to understand, support, and help their relative. It’s never a case of being just the addict that goes through addiction because everyone else in the family are usually pulled into the situation, even if the addict has moved away. We here at Capo Canyon Recovery in Laguna Niguel, CA can help patients detox from what’s hurting them, and in turn can begin to help the family recover from months and maybe years of abuse.

Effects of Prescription Drug Abuse on the Body

Nearly all pain relievers, sedatives, stimulants, and tranquilizers available by prescription are potentially addicting and those abusing them often require prescription drug detox for rehabilitation. Detox and withdrawal can be complex and is individual to every person, so it’s essential to seek qualified recovery and detox for your successful recovery from addiction, like the detox program offered here at Capo Canyon Recovery. Our team is knowledgeable and prepared to deal with the intricacies of this tough time, and can help guide you on the path to regaining your life. Here we delve into the effects of prescription drug abuse, to give you insight into the reasons to make detox a priority.

Top 5 Reasons Why Addicts Struggle with Early Recovery and Detox

 In the early days, months, and even years of recovery from addiction, there is a time of readjustment to live without alcohol or drugs. Maintaining sobriety can be every bit as challenging as achieving it in the first place and illustrates just how the journey to recovery is a lifetime commitment.

How a Disciplined Fitness Routine can Aid Detox and Recovery

We all accept that addiction is a chronic disease and that a commitment to recovery is for life. When you’re on a journey of recovery from addiction, you’ll be called upon to replace your old bad habits that kept you addicted with new, healthier habits that can seriously assist your recovery process. After a long while of being addicted to any substance, you can completely lose your ability to experience the ‘natural high’ you get from the endorphins produced after a strenuous workout. That’s why creating and adhering to a disciplined fitness routine early on in your detox and recovery will greatly assist you in your overall rehabilitation.

Differences Between Drug and Alcohol Detox

No matter what addiction challenges you face, the process of recovery and rehabilitation can be a life-long process. Although addiction in its generic form has specific treatment options, there are a few differences between the detox process for alcohol and drug addiction to take into consideration. Here we take a look at the different treatment options pertaining to both drug and alcohol detox.

Effects of Alcohol on Your Body

Alcohol is distributed around your body by your blood as you drink and even the smallest amount can have a physiological effect. You’ll lose a small amount of alcohol as it leaves your body in your breath and urine but your tolerance will depend heavily on how much you’ve had to eat. Food that is high in fat slows down the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream and it will take longer to feel intoxicated although there are other, more damaging effects of alcohol on your overall health to take into consideration. Detoxing from alcohol abuse is tough, but we here at Capo Canyon Recovery can help. After you learn the negative effects that alcohol can have on your body, we believe that you’ll want to begin your process of recovery today.

Detoxing as an Older Adult

Going through the detoxification process is no easy feat at any age, but when you’ve been dependent on drugs or alcohol for prolonged periods of your life, there can be special needs associated with your more mature age. The kind of methods and treatment programs designed for younger patients with addiction issues might not be as appropriate for older adults, without specifically tailoring the programs. We here at Capo Canyon Recovery can assist you in your daily needs, supervise your medications, provide drug/alcohol testing, and monitor your status. 

Build a Support System as a Firm Foundation for Successful Detox

There are several psychological and physical challenges to be faced when you are going through detoxification to rid yourself of addiction. That’s why building a dependable network of people you trust to help you on your journey to recovery is essential. Many people who fail to complete detox or give up before they’ve even started realize that it’s a direct result of not having a close network of trusted supporters to hand. Aside from family and friends, you can count on Capo Canyon Recovery to be there with you, every step of the way. 

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Take the Giant Leap from Detox to Sobriety

The very first step in your journey to recovery from addiction can be scary, but once you have decided to take back control of your life, you can lean on others to help you achieve your goals. For many recovering addicts, the main worry is not knowing how the withdrawal phase will affect you and whether you’ll have the strength to pass through any unpleasant barriers to free yourself from addiction. If you have any questions regarding detox, we here at Capo Canyon Recovery can help answer them. 

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New Habits for the New Year for Successful Addiction Recovery

As with trying to lose weight, recovering from addiction can be a lot easier when you retrain yourself and acquire new habits to promote good health. It has been proven that if you adapt and change your behavior in your day-to-day regularly enough, new habits are formed that improve your health and more importantly, steer you away from addictive behavior patterns.

How to Communicate with Family after Detoxing

You’ve gone through detox here at Capo Canyon Recovery, and are now navigating the waters to transition into sobriety. You’ve made big steps and strides, and now it’s time to communicate your successes and experiences to your family. An important thing to keep in mind is that your family might not be fully prepared to hear all the nitty gritty in terms of your detox. It might be extremely hard for them to comprehend the pain that you have gone through to get to this place. Here are some helpful tips in terms of communicating with your family:

Tips to Stay Sober During the Holidays

Sobriety after detoxing can be challenging at times when you are first going through it, but if you also throw in the holidays, there are a plethora of new challenges in terms of parties, families, and friends. Your sobriety and the work you did during detox are fragile, and to protect your life you’ve got to protect yourself in these situations. Here are some simple tips to keep you focused on your health and wellness during the holiday season: