How to Curb Cravings in Detox and Beyond

" Meditate Meditation " by Pexels via Pixabay (Public Domain  CC 2.0 )

"Meditate Meditation" by Pexels via Pixabay (Public Domain CC 2.0)

Resisting the cravings for a substance or alcohol when you’re on a detox and rehab program can be one of the most difficult obstacles on the road to recovery. Here we take a look at some simple changes you can make to your daily life to help you deal with inevitable cravings, without risking relapse:

Distract Yourself with Healthier Pursuits

When your mind has nothing to focus on, or you’re waiting for something, or just bored, you can find yourself craving the feeling you used to get from drugs or drink. By distracting yourself and keeping yourself busy in any way possible, you can shift focus from your addiction to other, healthier pursuits. Go for a walk or take a spin in your car, or even take up a hobby for these specific moments. The main thing is to completely change your surroundings to eliminate triggers.

Relaxation and Meditation Practices are Key

One of the most common triggers for addiction cravings are anxiety, anger, and stress. You can prevent feelings of anger or anxiety building by learning how to relax through meditation or simple breathing exercises, so that you have a mechanism to put into play when you feel vulnerable to negative feelings.

Take up more Physical Exercise

Lots of research has proven that exercise promotes the production of endorphin's that give you a natural-high feeling. There’s also a great benefit in taking up a disciplined sport or activity and incorporating it into your daily life. You’ll notice improved concentration, higher self-esteem, and a greater sense of self-control the more into an exercise regime you get.

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