How Human-Animal Interactions Can Assist Recovery

" The Horse " by kroppek_pl via Pixabay ( Public Domain CC 2.0 )

"The Horse" by kroppek_pl via Pixabay (Public Domain CC 2.0)

As evidenced by the millions of people all over the world sharing their lives with pets, the bond humans have with animals is widely considered life-enhancing. It’s perhaps no surprise that animals can have huge benefits for someone going through alcohol and drug detox and that animal-assisted therapy in recovery is becoming more commonplace.

What is Animal-Assisted Therapy?

Animals give humans unconditional love and acceptance, which are pillars of successful and effective drug and alcohol detox. Animal therapy assists with detox and recovery by harnessing the unique connection we have with cats, dogs, or horses (typically) and incorporating interactions with them in an addiction therapy program.

What are the Benefits of Animal-Assisted Therapy?

Aside from the pleasure and heightened well-being we get from interacting with animals through petting them or just being in their presence, structured interactions can be extremely beneficial in fostering confidence and instilling goal-setting practices to establish a true sense of achievement. Daily care of animals takes a certain amount of discipline that is valuable to someone needing to rebuild the foundations of their lives in addiction treatment.

Animal-Assisted Therapy Reaches Beyond Detox and Treatment

Animal-assisted therapy can also assist someone in rehab to prepare for their daily lives after treatment is completed. This is because of the social aspect of animal-ownership and the fact that just by owning a dog someone can be introduced into a whole new social circle through the different activities they engage in with man’s best friend. This is important in allowing someone fresh from rehab to create new practices and avoid enabling people and places and ultimately, a relapse.

Find Out More about Holistic Methods to Detox and Recovery at Capo Canyon Recovery

The benefits of animal-assisted addiction therapy are considerable and form part of a wide range of alternative and holistic therapies that can be used in conjunction with medical detox for effective rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol. Capo Canyon Recovery in Laguna Niguel, CA specializes in all aspects of treatment and care for those with the chronic disease of addiction. We recognize that everyone has their own personal addiction story and for that reason, our effective detox and rehab programs are tailor-made to meet individual requirements. Contact us today for a confidential consultation.

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