DIY Detox: A Dangerous Decision

" Despair Alone " by geralt via Pixabay ( Public Domain CC 2.0 )

"Despair Alone" by geralt via Pixabay (Public Domain CC 2.0)

Some people with addiction issues find themselves faced with difficulty financing their detox or feel confident they are able to complete the process on their own. However, there are many reasons DIY detox is ineffective, including the following:

  • Detox alone does not address the issues underlying addiction
  • Even if successful in removing toxins from the body, there is more chance of relapse after DIY detox
  • DIY detox can exacerbate feelings of isolation and worsen symptoms of depression
  • Failure is much more common with DIY detox than it is with a specialist drug detox program and often leads to extended and prolonged substance abuse

Why DIY Detox Does Not Work

DIY detox fails more often than not, and that is principally due to the lack of support and supervision in go-it-alone rehab. Communication as you withdrawal is vital to enable the right medical response to be given as symptoms arise. Without knowing what someone is going through as their bodies expel the influences of drugs and alcohol, it is impossible to provide relief during what can be a very distressing process.

Abstinence is not Enough to Detox from Drugs and Alcohol

There is a widespread misconception that it is possible to detox by simply stopping drinking or using drugs. However, with some drugs it is possible to ‘shock’ the body by suddenly withdrawing its influence which can cause some significant medical problems. For example, opioids such as heroin are sometimes best detoxed with a medical process where a controlled and prescribed drug such as Methadone can be taken to detox slowly, at a pace that is best for each individual patient. [Stay tuned to our blog next month- we’ll go into a story of exactly what can happen when DIY Detox fails].

Abstinence also doesn’t work on its own as it fails to address the issues that triggered addiction in the first place. Sometimes, it is chronic pain that leads to dependence on prescription drugs and subsequently street equivalents and in other cases; depression is the factor that leads to self-medication with drugs or alcohol. This is why it is essential for someone needing detox to find a specialist facility where an accurate diagnosis is provided to them, in order for them to receive the most effective treatment.

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