How to Have Healthy Relationships in Recovery

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When someone has been through the challenges of rehab from addiction, they still have work to do when they return home. Rebuilding relationships with family and loved ones is an important part of addiction recovery and allows people to sustain sobriety for the long-term with their support. Healthy relationships are an important aspect of life for all of us and can include family, professional, romantic and social connections.

The Value of Healthy Relationships to Recovery

People are impacted by both the healthy and unhealthy relationships they have with others in their lives. A person who offers support and encouragement for someone to remain sober is a valuable connection to have to prevent relapsing back into substance abuse. On the flip side, if a recovering addict is friends with someone who frequently abuses drugs or alcohol, they are likely to come under their influence and risk their sobriety in the process.

Part of the addiction rehabilitation process involves recognizing the destructive influences in a person’s life. Identifying the people and places who enable drug-taking or alcohol abuse by normalizing it is essential so that the recovering addict can avoid them. When someone is fighting addiction illness, they need to make radical changes in the places they hang out and the people they mix with so as to avoid temptation. It is therefore important that when a person leaves rehab that they only keep the people in their lives that make a positive contribution to their sobriety.

The way healthier relationships are formed is through recognizing and acknowledging your personal boundaries. It is vital to have enough self-awareness to understand the influences that previously persuaded you to use drugs or alcohol so that they can be avoided. Rehab provides a constructive environment for people to rebuild their lives. That includes reconciling with supportive friends and family and also learning how to develop new and healthier relationships in sobriety.

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