Our Program


Our Program

We have a comprehensive and thorough program of detoxification here at Capo Canyon Recovery. Our team is expertly trained to provide you the support you need after intake, so don't delay. Contact us today with any questions you have, or to get your program started. 


Our program usually begins with a period of detoxification and stabilization. We offer assistance with both drug detox and alcohol detox. You are assessed and examined by a physician and her staff and prescribed medications when needed to safely and comfortably ease your withdrawal symptoms. Our nurses and support staff assist you in your daily needs, cook meals, supervise your medications, provide drug/alcohol testing and assist the physician in monitoring your status. The length of your detox is determined by the physician and the severity of your withdrawal symptoms. Our goal is to get you moving on with your treatment program as soon as is possible while keeping you comfortable.

holistic services

Appointments are scheduled with our team of licensed massage therapists and acupuncturists to help address aches, pains, and to help ease your cravings and withdrawal symptoms. We offer a number of additional alternative/holistic services including: in-house guided meditation experiences, equine therapy, yoga, nutrition/fitness/personal training, and relaxing outings to the beautiful beaches of Laguna and Dana Point.

therapy & substance abuse treatment

Individual therapy and case management combines with group sessions and drug/alcohol educational groups to create a well-rounded schedule of treatment services. Our licensed therapists begin helping you identify your treatment goals and create a plan to work towards long-term recovery. Case managers and support staff can help organize your custom treatment program, holistic appointments, physician checks and fun activities. Whether you are only committed to detox, or are interested in a full 30-day program, our therapists are experts in substance abuse, trauma and how to maximize your time in our program to address your immediate needs.

outside meetings

Although 12-step programming is optional and only a small part of our program schedule, we do offer an introduction to local 12-step self-help meetings in the southern Orange County area. 

fun in recovery

When your withdrawal symptoms subside, you may want to add some of our fun sober activities to the daily schedule including outings to the beach, movies, kayaking, bowling and local attractions. Our staff will accompany you and your fellow group of clients to fun activities in Orange County.


Program Schedule


Detox Clients


Detox clients can participate in a number of holistic, education and therapeutic sessions as they progress. An individualized program and holistic appointments are coordinated by our clinical team to suit your ongoing treatment needs. See a sample schedule below.


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