About Alea Southard, RADT

After working in various roles within the behavioral health field, Alea found her calling within group facilitation. Alea has worked in detox, residential, and outpatient settings, both in the private and county funded sectors. She utilizes her depth of experiences to meet clients where they are and she cultivates psycho-educational material that both educates and engages her participants.

Motivational Interviewing is one technique Alea finds to be very effective when working with clients individually and in groups because she believes in honoring each person’s individualized treatment plan, and enjoys challenging one’s introspection through questions. She also recognizes that every client must identify with their own motivations for change in order to make use of new coping choices and tools.

Alea believes that understanding various aspects of mental health and substance use disorders creates a strong foundation for clients to begin their journey toward healing and lasting change. Once understanding is established, the value in life skills and healthy coping choices can be recognized and implemented in daily living.

Alea utilizes these beliefs and techniques among others in her work with client’s individually and in group facilitation.