About Sandy Szemenyei, CADC-II

Sandy has over 30 years of personal experience in recovery from substance abuse and almost 30 years of professional experience in working with individuals struggling with substance abuse, mental health, codependency, and spiritual bankruptcy issues as well as with families of loved ones struggling with any of these issues. 

Sandy is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, as well as a Certified Life Coach, a Certified Breathworks Facilitator (Level 3), Certified Intervention Specialist and Certified Death Doula. She also holds an Advanced Certificate in Biblical Counseling. 

Sandy originally found her calling to help others while working and living in Australia in 1996, where she began my career as a counselor and case manager. Over the past few years, Sandy’s work has shifted from counseling full time to facilitating groups – something she truly loves. Sandy especially enjoys leading Breathworks groups because of the profound benefits she has witnessed for those struggling with anxiety, depression, addiction and more. 

Sandy is very passionate about helping others learn how to do life on life’s terms without using anything that alters their minds. Her own healing journey has provided many life experiences that she utilizes in her groups to encourage others to heal, learn new coping skills, and find hope on their new journey.