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Meditation and Addiction Recovery: A Guide

Addiction recovery can be a challenging and stressful time in someone’s life. Not only are you dealing with the withdrawals that come with detox, but there are also huge lifestyle changes that you are facing. With so many changes that you are going through, it’s understandable if your stress and anxiety levels are at an all-time high.

If you are having a hard time handling stressful situations, anxiety, and your triggers, it may be a good time to try out meditation. The different mindfulness and grounding techniques can make it easier to manage the mental and emotional challenges of recovery.

How Meditation And Addiction Recovery Work Together

Lowers Stress & Anxiety

Recovery from addiction can increase anxiety and stress due to how challenging a lifestyle change and sobriety can be. Meditation can help manage cravings and triggers by quieting the mind and allowing space to really focus on the here and now.

Improves Overall Mood

During recovery, there can be a lot of mood swings and negative feelings arise. One of the biggest benefits of meditation is improved mood. This makes it much easier to stay positive during day-to-day tasks.

Helps Regulate Sleep Patterns

Early recovery can be especially challenging due to lack of sleep caused by anxiety and stress. The calming nature of meditation makes it easier to wind down and relieve the pressure before bedtime.

Tips To Improve Your Meditation Time

Stick To A Schedule

While you don’t need to devote a huge amount of time to meditation, it does help if it is done consistently and frequently. Make a schedule for your daily meditation time or times, and put significant effort into keeping that schedule. Try to make it at a time when you won’t be pressed to do other things, like before bed or first thing in the morning. 

Create A Relaxing Environment

Meditation is only maximally effective when it receives the full focus and attention of the participant. This means the space where you meditate should be calming, quiet, and comfortable. 

Breathe With Mindfulness 

Breathing with a calm and steady cadence while meditating can help maintain focus on the “now”. Breath control is one of the core practices of meditation and can be carried over into other therapy practices such as yoga. Many people find that they can be easily distracted while meditating, and focusing on breathing helps to avoid that.

Set Firm Intentions

This is essential for those integrating meditation and addiction recovery. Since maintaining effective recovery and avoiding relapse is going to be the primary responsibility of the patient, incorporating these goals into the meditation routine can help cement the treatment objectives.

Get Even More Benefits By Using Guided Meditation For Addiction Recovery

By far, the best way to get the maximum benefits of meditation for substance abuse is to find an addiction treatment facility that incorporates meditation in their treatment plans. Not only will guided meditation be more helpful with professional administration, but it can then be combined with multiple other treatments and therapies. 

Meditation by itself simply doesn’t constitute a treatment plan or a long-term solution to any addiction. It does, however, represent a great therapy activity that can provide incredible benefits when combined with things like cognitive behavioral therapy, group and individual therapy, and counseling. 

Capo Canyon Integrates Holistic Treatments With Leading Therapy Techniques

If you or someone important in your life may be struggling with addiction, meditation can help, but the most effective way to address alcohol use disorder or substance use disorder is with a cohesive, personalized treatment plan. Your personal treatment plan will be created by you and your addiction expert and will be crafted to support your individual addiction recovery needs. Reach out today to the local addiction experts at Capo Canyon, and begin your journey to recovery today.


How Our Drug Rehab Center Incorporates Yoga

Addiction can be an incredibly difficult disease to overcome, and everyone’s journey to recovery will be different. No matter what levels of care or types of treatments are chosen, committing to recovery takes a significant amount of dedication and willpower, both before, during, and after the detox and rehab stage.

One of the ways that substance abuse is treated is by incorporating healthy or therapeutic activities into the patient’s day. These activities range from those meant to build healthy coping and relapse-avoidance skills, to those meant to simply clear the patient’s mind and allow them to live in the moment and focus on being their most healthy version. Yoga is rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to do so.

What Is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient method of building beneficial breathing and physical health by holding specific physical positions. It is one of the easiest low-impact ways to build core strength and improve overall mental and physical wellness. Since yoga has such a significant impact on wellness, it can be used to great effect during alcohol and drug addiction treatment. 

While yoga is still considered unconventional in the scope of the modern medical community, many drug rehab facilities are beginning to incorporate it into their treatment offerings. Initial clinical data shows that it may be a demonstrable addiction therapy success.

What Yoga Can Do For Addiction Treatment

Many people hear that yoga is useful in recovery, and wonder about the role of yoga in addiction treatment. Yoga therapy is seen as a holistic treatment that focuses on increasing both the physical health and mental health of those who practice it in conjunction with professional addiction treatment. It boosts overall wellness, and can easily incorporate psychotherapy into the exercises. 

Participating In Yoga In Drug Rehab Centers 

While you may have trouble finding treatment programs that offer yoga in drug rehab centers, Capo Canyon is proud to take an incredibly holistic approach to addiction recovery. We offer yoga as one of our many therapeutic activities, along with other activities that focus on mindfulness and living a healthy and balanced life.

Yoga As Ongoing Recovery Support

One thing that everyone entering recovery faces is the need to replace the time they would have previously spent using substances with other healthy or productive activities. Once you leave the treatment facility, you will need to continue your battle for recovery without the rigid framework of residential or inpatient care.

Yoga is a great way for those in recovery to not only add a healthy and physically-demanding activity into their daily routines, but to keep their physical health improving in general, as they advance along their road to recovery. Many people in recovery will pick up or develop hobbies and niche interests to keep them occupied, and yoga is a perfect option.

Yoga Alone Is Not Treatment

It’s important to remember that simply starting yoga isn’t a viable route to recovery or sobriety. Yoga is just one specific type of therapy activity that is seen to help improve the chances of recovery success. However, the yoga activities must be combined effectively with psychotherapy and educational programming to have a robust chance at long-term recovery. 

Integrate Yoga Into Your Recovery With Capo Canyon

If you are struggling with addiction, either in the form of an alcohol use disorder or a substance use disorder, getting professional help is one of the most effective things you can do. When you speak to a local addiction and recovery expert, you will have the opportunity to begin building a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs. Reach out today to Capo Canyon and discuss your treatment needs in complete confidentiality.


Why Choose an Upscale Drug Rehab

While all rehabs have a similar goal, the way that they accomplish that goal can vary wildly from one facility to another. If you are at a licensed rehab center, you should expect that your treatment will help you recover from addiction to drugs or alcohol. An upscale drug or alcohol rehab facility, however, can provide some similar treatment modalities, as well as a long list of other benefits. Here’s more information about why you’d want to choose an upscale rehab facility.

Reasons To Choose An Upscale Drug Rehab

Location & Setting

The location and setting of upscale drug rehab are important factors to their upscale setting. It’s rare to have an upscale rehab facility right in a busy urban center. Most will be located away from city centers and will provide an opportunity to “retreat” from the hustle and bustle and provide an opportunity for relaxation among the primary focus of treatment – your recovery.

Limited Distractions

Beating the challenge of addiction takes a significant investment of time and energy, and if you are distracted by things like uncomfortable or unsafe accommodations, bad food, or unfriendly or inexperienced staff, your recovery can come to a grinding halt.  With an upscale drug rehab facility, you will have access to housekeeping, private chef, high-end furniture and linens, and private or semi-private room accommodations, so that you can spend your energy focused on overcoming your addiction challenges and reinforcing your recovery.


The accommodations at an upscale drug rehab are undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons for someone to choose them. Not only is your room important to feeling comfortable, but you may want the rest of the facility to also feel like a comfortable hotel or lodge. While going through rehab in premium comfort, you can also enjoy gourmet dining options where you can get your fill of healthy, fresh, flavorful dishes and have any dietary needs met without a problem.

Personalized Care

A significant perk of attending an upscale drug rehab is that you will be able to get a treatment plan that is much more personalized than it would be from a conventional treatment center. This is because you won’t be given a generalized treatment schedule like at a high-volume, low-cost facility. In an upscale drug rehab, your unique clinical needs will be the basis for your treatment plan and your clinical care team.

Flexible Technology

More often than not, upscale rehabs are able to offer flexible technology policies allowing you to stay connected to home or work needs as well as those important to your recovery. If your profession is a determining factor to attending a treatment program, many upscale drug rehabs provide options to continue working while receiving the care you need.

Holistic Approach

When going to an upscale drug rehab, you will find that your treatment plan is created with a more holistic approach. Not only will your addiction be addressed, but your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being will also be tended to. Upscale drug rehab centers will often have holistic treatments such as acupuncture, art & music therapy, yoga, equine therapy, and massage therapy as well as access to a gym or recreation center.

More One-On-One Attention

The highly personalized care that upscale drug rehab provides is augmented even further by the low patient-to-provider ratios. Since there are far fewer patients staying at upscale drug rehab centers, addiction, and mental health professionals can devote more time to each patient, resulting in more attentive and effective treatment.


For many people entering recovery, privacy is one of their primary concerns, and while there is no shame in getting professional addiction help, many people don’t want others sharing in their private struggles. Upscale drug rehab will always protect your right to privacy, both with your personal information and your actual stay. You will have a private room, and while able to interact with other peers in the program, you will always have a safe place to return to.

Upscale Drug Rehab Is Right Around The Corner

If you or someone you care about is struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism, and you are looking for a local leader in upscale drug rehab, reach out today and speak with the addiction experts at Capo Canyon and begin creating your treatment plan today.

People support each other in a rehab session

The Benefits of Holistic Therapy

Substance addiction affects not just a person’s physical health, but it also negatively reshapes their emotional and mental wellbeing. For this reason, many experts in the recovery field recommend holistic therapy as an approach that takes all these dimensions into account when designing and implementing treatment.

What Is Holistic Therapy?

The word holistic refers to accommodating the whole person by taking into account all systematic factors that impact them. This comprehensive approach acknowledges the interconnectedness of multiple aspects regarding human existence, both internally and externally.

Holistic therapy is designed to meet needs that are not usually focused on in traditional therapy, including medications and psychotherapy. Sometimes it is called complementary or integrated therapy. The many forms of holistic therapy are used to complement traditional addiction treatments.

Common holistic therapies include art therapy, music therapy, nature or wilderness therapy, chiropractic care, herbalism, acupuncture, meditation, and nutritional counseling. Holistic therapy stresses the importance of returning the individual into a natural setting or a creative environment, as nature and creativity have great healing powers.

Benefits of Holistic Therapy

Although different forms of holistic therapy may offer distinct benefits, they have a lot in common regarding restoration of health and destressing. Take stress reduction, for example. Holistic therapies such as meditation and mindfulness exercises are excellent ways to relieve stress naturally. Because people who use substances tend to have emotional numbness, these practices are also helpful in restoring healthy emotional functions in the brain.

Art and music therapy are healthy coping methods for staying sober. Creative projects in these areas can become new hobbies that allow people to enjoy themselves without using drugs or alcohol. They are also common forms of stress relief outside of treatment. The creative and sometimes spiritual elements in art and music can be powerful to bring healing to both the body and the mind.

Stress reduction can be the most effective relapse prevention strategy. By reducing and managing stress, holistic therapy reduces the rate of relapse. Equally important is the fact that these therapies help people find a renewed sense of hope and fulfillment, which is also a critical factor in preventing relapse.

Improving Self-Esteem and Overall Health Through Holistic Therapy

Many holistic therapies strike recovering individuals as new and innovative because they have most likely ignored these aspects of living before. The life of someone with substance addiction is often one without balance. Holistic therapies help restore balance by inviting other fun and healthy activities into their routines.

Addiction tends to damage one’s self-esteem. Addiction can also stem from feelings of low self-esteem, to begin with. Holistic therapies help them to reconnect with themselves. When they find that creativity is inside them, there is a renewed boost to their self-esteem. Being able to better cope with difficult emotions also helps them gain self-confidence in their journey.

Working With Holistic Therapists

A trained holistic therapist understands that your mind, body, and spirit are interconnected and thus directly impact one another. When you work with a holistic therapist, expect them to ask questions to understand all these parts within you. Holistic therapists are trained to have a large deposit of coping skills and practical tools to help you in many areas of life. You should not hesitate to ask questions about these resources either.

Holistic therapists strive to make you feel empowered to move from treatment to long-term healing. Expect advice on everyday living and lean on these practical suggestions. If you require specific help, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy or trauma-informed care, most holistic therapists can provide help in these ways too. Most importantly, holistic therapists help you learn more about yourself in the areas of body, mind, and spirit. You will be asked to explore your thoughts, emotions, physical health, spiritual beliefs, and social connections.

Healing Towards Holistic Health

Today many people are experiencing stress and fatigue from consuming nutrient-deficient fast food and harmful water and produce. Many chronic diseases and mental health problems have complicated underlying causes that relate to the interconnectedness of our body, mind, and spirit. Holistic therapy promotes a comprehensive and multi-faceted outlook on our wellbeing by restoring your connection with yourself, environmental factors, and the spiritual dimension.

Holistic therapy works in the recovery community because substance addiction most often has co-occurring mental health issues. The body and the mind need to be treated simultaneously because they are incredible systems. Holistic therapy helps people achieve optimal wellness in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual sense. It empowers people by involving them in understanding their innate ability to heal.

If you or a loved one wants to experience the full spectrum of treatments that help you achieve optimal recovery, you should try holistic therapy in addition to traditional treatment. There are different forms of holistic therapies, including art therapy, music therapy, nature or wilderness therapy, chiropractic care, herbalism, acupuncture, meditation, and nutritional counseling. Each offers unique advantages in bringing healing to certain areas of your health. At Capo Canyon Recovery, we have experience designing unique holistic therapies for our clients. At our treatment center near Mission Viejo, CA, you can meet with mental health experts who are holistically trained. We care about your long-term recovery and well-being. You can benefit from both our inpatient residential care and outpatient, long-term care programs. With an in-house chef, luxurious beds, and an onsite organic garden, we’re here to help you on your journey to all-rounded well-being. Don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 804-8714 today.


Where to Find Holistic Therapy Services in Orange County, California

The golden state has thousands of detox and recovery resources. Whether you’re a local and looking to recover from substance abuse close to home or a secluded ocean-side clinic, California has a place for you. We know starting treatment isn’t easy. At Capo Canyon Recovery, we offer independently-run detox and rehab facilities across CA that are ready to provide holistic therapy services for those in recovery. Detox and recovery can be the most challenging and most rewarding journey of a person’s life. For holistic, compassionate care, our facilities right here in Orange County are ready to serve. If you or a loved one are looking for holistic therapy in beautiful Mission Viejo, CA, learn more about our detox and recovery programs at Capo Canyon Recovery by calling us at 833.972.2330 today.

What to Look for in a Holistic Rehab Center

Holistic rehab centers focus on a person’s whole life, not just their addiction. These types of centers offer various therapies. They often help clients put life into perspective, find their passion, and put sobriety first. By helping clients build healthy daily routines and focusing on their diet, holistic therapy can transform their lives. Some clients look for a women’s or men’s only facility for a more comfortable recovery. Others prefer co-ed facilities. Whether you know what you’re looking for or not, here are other factors to consider when looking for holistic therapy services:

  • Diverse types of therapy-You may want to look for programs offering aftercare support to prevent relapse.
  • Trauma-informed treatments-Holistic therapy will address childhood and adult trauma affecting addiction. If you are curious about treatments like EMDR, base your search on these approaches.
  • Faith-based holistic healing-Combining spiritual support with traditional therapy offers the holistic healing necessary to overcome addiction. For many, putting faith in a higher power puts addiction in perspective.
  • Location-Seclusion and access to nature are often considerations when choosing a clinic. Southern California offers ocean, forest, and desert locations to help clients disconnect from their busy lives and reconnect with themselves.
  • Cost-Costs and insurance coverage vary. Some state-run programs and independent clinics take insurance. Check out CA’s government websites for more information and talk to your insurance company to find a clinic within your budget.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a rehab facility. If you or someone you love needs holistic addiction therapy, as your doctor or therapist for reputable recommendations. Never trust a clinic that offers miracle cures. Holistic recovery is a marathon, not a sprint.

Where to Find Local Recovery Resources in Orange County

Orange County is known for Disneyland and orange groves. We are also home to a wealth of services to support recovery. If you’re looking for local resources for holistic therapy, consider local 12-step programs. You can find these group meetings online or ask an addiction therapist for recommendations. Local therapists are also a resource for reputable holistic care. Facilities across the county can offer idyllic landscapes, compassionate care, and post-rehab support to put your life back in your hands.

Begin Your Healing Journey at Capo Canyon Recovery

Whether you’re a Southern California native or looking to recover in beautiful CA, Capo Canyon Recovery is here for you. We know it isn’t easy to take a step towards healing, but we are here to support you along the way. Our Mission Viejo clinic holistically treats addiction and mental health disorders. Our 24-hour nursing care helps clients detox and recover from conditions such as:

  • ​​Alcohol addiction
  • Heroin addiction
  • Opioid addiction
  • Opiate addiction
  • Benzo addiction

With an in-house chef, luxurious beds, and an onsite organic garden, we’re here to help you on your journey to sobriety. Don’t wait. Call us at 833.972.2330 today for more information on our holistic therapy programs.


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