How an Extended Care Program for Addiction Recovery Works

There are many steps to addiction recovery. Detox and inpatient care are only the beginning. For many seeking addiction treatment, clinics offering extended care can provide ongoing support. This support helps people find their way in the world after inpatient care. Extended care programs can reduce relapse and create communities with others who put sobriety first. When looking for recovery programs, the choices can be overwhelming. If you’re struggling to find the right program for you, know you’re not alone. There are extended care programs across the state and right here in Mission Viejo, CA.

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What Is an Extended Care Program

Extended care helps those in recovery after they’ve completed an inpatient program. These programs extend care beyond traditional 30, 60, and 90-day treatment cycles. Extended care allows clients to transition back into the world. This transition is an essential stage of recovery. During rehab, clients can’t access drugs or alcohol. Everyone in a clinic puts sobriety first. However, when a client leaves, substances become accessible. Extended care helps clients deal with daily situations where others socially use drugs or alcohol. Through extended care, clients feel supported and are less likely to relapse. Extended care uses many types of treatment to maintain sobriety. Programs may include:

  • 12-step programs-These programs are easy and convenient. They walk clients through steps, making sobriety feel manageable. Because these programs are available worldwide, 12-step programs provide a consistent community to support people putting sobriety first.
  • Outpatient treatment-This might include support groups and regular meetings with an addiction counselor to support sober living.
  • Sober living facilities-For many, transitioning from a clinic to a sober living facility can help maintain sobriety through a structured living environment.
  • Individual therapy-Individual therapists trained in addiction treatment can provide individualized comprehensive care and support for those in recovery.

Because recovery is a multistep process, extended care is necessary. Clients can integrate sobriety into their lives by providing support beyond the typical 1 to 3 months of initial detox and recovery. This strategy provides time and space to assess their lifestyle and reduce relapse.

Benefits of Extended Care Programs

Extended care programs can provide solidarity and community. For many in recovery, their family and friends may not understand what recovery takes. 12-step programs and sober living offer a built-in community. These groups can help those in recovery maintain a healthy perspective and put sobriety first. The structure of extended care programs can provide stability for those in recovery.

We also believe that individual therapy is crucial to the recovery process. Most often, addiction stems from childhood or adult life trauma. Sessions with an addiction therapist can uncover, support, and heal these wounds. Individual therapy can also offer the perspective needed to maintain a sober life.

Seek Support at Capo Canyon Recovery

Are you or someone you love on the road to recovery? If you’re looking for extended care for addiction treatment, call Capo Canyon Recovery today. Our holistic clinic treats all phases of addiction. From inpatient to extended care, our luxury facility is here to help. Our therapy programs include:

  • ​Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy

At Capon Canyon Recovery, we pair comfort and holistic treatment. We have an onsite chef and garden to help clients build healthy habits. There is no shame in seeking addiction treatment or extended care. Recovery is a long and rewarding journey. Don’t wait. Call us at833.972.2330 today for more information on our comprehensive addiction treatments.