Woman decorating a christmas present

Common Holiday Stressors and How to Avoid Triggering a Relapse

Many of us get stressed out before and during the holiday season although for some people struggling with addiction, it can be even more challenging. Addiction is a relapsing illness which means that people can return to substance abuse at any stage after completing rehab treatment, even several years later. Relapse is often triggered by stressful situations highlighted in addiction therapy as being a person’s individual stressors.


How Stress Affects Addiction Recovery

It is important to remember that despite seeking drug and alcohol treatment, it doesn’t guarantee you a life of sobriety.  Living with addiction becomes habitual to sufferers and represents a comfort zone they are reluctant to leave, but once committed to rehab and recovery; these issues can seem less overwhelming.


De-Stress this Summer at the Beach

Dependency can be reliance on a substance, activity or person where an individual treats something or someone as more important than themselves.